Himadi Employee Verification System (EVS) software is designed to simplify communication and maintain transparency between our valuable clients & our process. It will help you to navigate changes & keep track of your employee background check process. Alternatively, this software helps us to deliver a great customer service experience & faster services.

Maintain Transparency

Tune Himadi EVS Software to meet your employment verification needs. It lets your employment team, from recruiter to HR (people you choose) to keep a watch over the work progress. The first glimpse of the dashboard presents an overview of your services enrolled with us, such as home many accounts created, how many cases are submitted, how many have been completed & how many new cases are on the waiting list. The system has kept simple to keep the communication easy & transparent.

Dashboard - Faster Delivery

Track daily & monthly progress through an open & collaborative platform. It gives you complete control over the details you submitted and the work progress we have initiated so that your team have richer contextual information and can place a rapid response to incidents, and changes.

Deliver Values Fast

Access your application status, final verification report & submit new requests through Himadi EVS Software easily. From our side, we update the panel as soon as a new move completes and you can access the results & progress at any time from anywhere. All you need is to register with us and we will deliver you employee verification services with this amazing upgraded system.

Report Generation

Generate reports for an individual candidate, weekly status, monthly status & more through our EVS software. The system has been kept very simple so that you check & generate reports easily. The generated reports can be downloaded in a doc file format of your choice such as MS Doc, text doc, Excel or PDF etc.